K9 Courier Services & Fit And Fertile

Struggling to travel to us for Canine Semen Freezing due to time or require larger transport for all your dogs?


We are delighted to team up with K9 Courier Services, who are fully insured, licensed and experienced dog people delivering the best services possible for your Dogs.​​ From toy breeds to giant breeds they can transport all sizes or breeds. Integrated climate control, rigid built in crates, 100% disinfected after each trip.

Along with highly skilled drivers the vans are Defra type 2 approved and are retrofitted with everything needed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for your pets.

K9 Courier Services are available for EU and UK travel overland as well as vet visits, airport and ferry port pick up/deliveries.

Extended team to offer first rate escorted airplane transfers to and from USA,  Europe, the UK and beyond. Your pet never travels alone with us in charge.

24hr K9 Ambulance for planned or unexpected
trips to vets, or mate and wait at animal hospitals.

The team are Dog first aid trained with decades of experience breeding, caring, transporting and showing dogs.


Contact:  +44 (0)7849552598  / +44 (0)7859983847

or Fit And Fertile +44 (0)1772 690014 for more information.