Stud Dog Sperm Fertility Testing
A must for all stud dog owners to ensure that their studs are fit, healthy and are ready to continue their prodigy, genes and characteristics for their breed. By having your stud dog sperm fertility tested, the benefits provide breeders with confidence that the chosen stud is producing semen to a good standard in terms of quality & quantity.

How does Stud Dog Sperm Fertility Testing work?

The semen is collected, analysed and a Semen evaluation report is provided which includes:-

  • Motility – Sperm moving efficiently, in straight lines
  • Morphology- Structure of the Sperm
  • Concentration – Numbers of Sperm
  • Total Sperm Output – Total number of sperms in the ejaculant
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A Specialist Team. Optimum Results

If there are any issues based on the results, the Specialist Team are able to provide you with information to help achieve the optimum results for the sperm for future breeding programmes.

If the chosen stud dog hasn’t been used at stud within the last 3 months, this test would be beneficial to clear away any old cells and dead semen prior to the matings’/artificial inseminations.

We would advise for the Sperm Fertility Test to be completed approximately 4-6 weeks prior to matings’/artificial inseminations.

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