VidiVet – Like having a vet in your pocket
We are delighted to have Vidivet onboard working in-conjunction with Fit And Fertile.

What is VidiVet?

Vidivet is an online 24/7 Vet Support for clients to sign up to ask any questions to a Vet.

Based on a Annual Subscription with the Fit And Fertile discount of £29.70 for the annual subscription costs £62.00. Cheaper than paying for Vets Consultation Fee’s at each visit, saving animal owners ££££’s.

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How to use VidiVet


Ask any question to our vets 24/7

Get a personalised video response from our vets

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Play and re-play the advice as many times as you need


  • Ask the Vet any questions.
  • Clients only ever make a trip to their own Vet if absolutely necessary.
  • Clients get a personalized video response from a Vet which they can reply as many times as they need.
  • Provides Clients with peace of mind for their beloved animal.
  • A Vet in your pocket for a whole year.
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