working dog breeding

Artificial Insemination (AI)

A technique trusted by most breeders to help their bitches become pregnant without a natural mating and reducing infections. The semen is collected from a stud dog, analysed to ensure that the semen is alive, good quality and quantity to help achieve a successful breeding, depending on the technique used, is either inserted into a bitch’s vagina or her uterus.

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Progesterone Blood Testing for Bitches

Using the most enhance analyser the Tosha AIA360, the analyser provides accurate results when your bitch is ready for breeding. Our analyser is serviced and maintained by Woodley Veterinary Equipment every 3 months to always ensure the precise exact results.

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stud dog sperm fertility testing

Stud Dog Sperm Fertility Testing

A must for all stud dog owners to ensure that their studs are fit, healthy and are ready to continue their prodigy, genes and characteristics for their breed. By having your stud dog sperm fertility tested, the benefits provide breeders with confidence that the chosen stud is producing semen to a good standard in terms of quality & quantity.

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Pregnancy Ultra-Sound Scan

Ideally from day 28 from the last mating we can scan your bitch to confirm if there is a pregnancy. Using the most efficient ultra-sound scanner that provides clear images of the pups – we welcome you to take videos and photographs are available to take away with you for your family album!

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In 2016, the law changed and made it compulsory that all dogs are to be microchipped.  Owner’s information must be updated on the microchip database to ensure they are complying with the law, failing to do so, equates to the dog is no longer considered microchipped under the new law and enforcement can be taken.

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Semen Collections

With different extenders available, semen can be collected to be shipped world-wide or stored in our semen storage ban

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