DoggyRade Pro

DoggyRade Pro, formulated by Vets, is an isotonic rehydration drink treat which restores the lost fluids and electrolytes to keep the dog hydrated during instance activity, travel and increased stress levels.

DoggyRade Pro contains prebiotics to improve and modulate digestion and nutrient absorption and amino acids for instant energy. DoggyRade Pro helps dogs recover from intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhoea and supports rehydration. It is helpful in support of gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, and other illnesses. DoggyRade Pro contains amino acids, prebiotics, and balanced electrolytes, to facilitate the replacement of those lost due to illness. It helps restore hydration and can be used in all dogs.


Extensively used for Working, Service, Agility, Search & Rescue, Military, Herding, Livestock, Guard, Detection, Protection, Assistant and Therapy Dogs, Whelping Bitches and Fading Puppies.

Delicious, highly palatable ready to drink solution for fast hydration, using targeted nutrition approach. Chicken flavour and a low fat, low calorie drink.