New Services @ Fit And Fertile…

With the Fit And Fertile Team expanding, I am pleased to announce we are now able to offer the following services to clients new & old…. Call the office for more info: 01772 690014.


On-site Vet & Vet Nurses. Pet Passport for Travel. Vet Health Certificates.

Puppy/Kitten/Dog & Cat Vaccinations from £35.00

Booster Vaccinations £various

Progesterone Blood Testing to obtain mating dates £40.00

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans £25.00

Microchipping £12.00

Nail Cutting £15.00

Anal Glands £15.00

Flea & Worm Treatment £various

Tick Removal £10.00

Ear Cleaning £15.00
 Dental & Oral Hygiene Checks – Teeth brushing £25.00

Rabbit Groom £20.00

Cat Grooming- Brush fur, Remove/clip matts, Nail Clip £25.00

Dog Grooming – Brush fur, Remove/clip matts, Nail Clip £30.00

Demat Cat £50 more intense grooming/matt removal

Demat Dog £60 more intensive grooming/matt removal

Dog Pamper Package – Nail Clip, Ear Clean, Teeth Brush, Anal Glands & perfume spray £55.00