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We offer dog breeders in the UK and worldwide the very best in Canine Reproduction.

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Fit And Fertile Ltd’s Team of Specialists and on-site Vet proudly promote Best Breeding Practices and are always here to help and advice.

The UK’s Largest

Fit And Fertile is the UK’s largest Canine Semen Freezing Facility and Semen Storage Centre.

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Our Services: – Onsite Vet. Export Vet. Progesterone Blood Testing. Stud Dog Sperm Analysis Testing. Trans-Cervical Insemination (TCI). Artificial Insemination. Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning. Semen Collections. Frozen Canine Semen Freezing. Import and Export of Canine Semen. Mobile services are available also.

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“My team and I are here to help with your breeding programmes, to promote and continue to set standards in healthy breeding within the canine sector and we look forward to assisting you soon.”Melanie

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The Fit And Fertile Ltd’s Range of Supplements for Health & Well Being which is used extensively within the Show Ring and frequently written articles by Jane Lilley in Dog World.

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Actively involved in canine reproduction and artificial insemination for over 25 years


Established in 2003 by my father, the late Keith John Shea, his vision was to provide the very best results in Canine Reproduction by providing knowledge, experience and working with dog breeders within the working dog, rare breeds and show dog sectors to achieve successful fertility results and to continue bloodlines for future breeding programmes to which he succeeded.

To date, I am honoured to continue my father’s legacy; Fit And Fertile. Having worked side by side with my father for 18 years and with my loyal team and onsite Vet working in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, close to the Blackpool Dog Championship Showground, Fit And Fertile continues offering the best customer services and an enjoyable experience for your dogs.


The UK’s largest Canine Semen Freezing Facility and Semen Storage Centre

Fit And Fertile is the UK’s largest Canine Semen Freezing Facility and Semen Storage Centre. Canine Collection and Freezing is available daily by appointment. Exporting and Importing semen, the team at Fit And Fertile including our Export Vet are able to assist with Country requirements, importing and exporting rules and regulations.

With over 18 years establishing relationships with Veterinary and Canine facilities worldwide, we take out all the hard work of exporting canine semen on your behalf.