Freezing & Reproduction Services

Services available:-

  • Progesterone Blood Testing £25.00
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Stud Dog Fertility Testing
  • Collection/Preparation of semen, for export including fresh, chilled and frozen
  • Artificial Insemination transvaginal and trans-cervical (endoscope) in-conjunction with local veterinary practice
  • Storage of frozen semen straws
  • Mobile freezing facility
  • Stud Dog & Semen Preservation

Freeze today, thaw the future...

Stud Dog Fertility Testing
Cost : £40.00 + VAT  

* Collecting of Ejaculant
* Sperm Concentration
* Volume of Ejaculant
* Progressive motility

Freezing Procedures:
Cost £220 + VAT.  This price includes stud dog sperm testing.

* Collecting of Ejaculant
* Sperm Concentration
* Volume of Ejaculant
* Progressive motility
* Continued testing of sperm
* Extender and mediums required
* Freezing of sperm in 0.5ml straws
* Includes 12 months storage of straws
* Bring a 2nd dog on the same visit based at our office for only £126.00 including VAT.

Storage costs:
Years 2 and Thereafter

£3.00 + vat, per straw, per year or part thereof.

Storage of straws not prepared by ourselves

£4.00 + VAT  per straw, per year or part thereof.

Shipping of Frozen Straws:

Please contact the office with the full destination address details so a quote based on the current shipping rates can be provided.

Cost for hire of dry shipper including liquid nitrogen (Dry Shipper to be returned within 2 weeks).

£75.00  (Costs thereafter £75.00 per week or part thereof).

Import/Inspection charges may apply.

Please contact DEFRA in regard to any health checks required prior to collection/freezing.


The Kennel Club has routinely accepted for registration puppies whelped from a bitch bred by artificial insemination provided the breeding has conformed to these criteria:-

* The sire must have previously sired a registered litter by natural mating.

* The insemination must not be surgical (otherwise registration of the litter is at the discretion of the Kennel Club).

* If the bitch herself was whelped from a litter bred by the artificial insemination of a maiden bitch, then she must have previously produced a registered litter to a natural mating.

In all other cases, breeders are advised to seek the permission of the Kennel Club before the bitch is inseminated.  Fit And Fertile Ltd advise that any further information must be obtained from the Kennel Club or visit the website;


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